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​Stage Photo Selections: Opera, "KAGUYA-HIME" (Princess from the Moon) in 2 Acts/Japanese. Music and Libretto by Hideaki Hirai
​Stage Photo Selections: Opera, "TRUE LOVE of KOMACHI"  in 3 Acts/Japanese.
Music and Libretto by Hideaki Hirai
Original Novel by Jun'ichi Saga ("Love Stories of Mt. Tsukuba")
原作:岡倉覚三(天心)("The White Fox"
Stage Photo Selections: Opera, "THE WHITE FOX"  in 3 Acts/Japanese.
Translation, Libretto and Music by Hideaki Hirai
Original Libretto in English by Kakuzo (Tenshin) Okakura ("The White Fox")
~平井秀明 指揮者 舞台・ポートレート写真集~
Stage & Portrait Photo Selections: HIDEAKI HIRAI, Conductor
~指揮者・平井秀明プロデュース コンサート・シリーズ~
​Concert Series produced by HIDEAKI HIRAI, Conductor
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