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New York Festival Orchestra

Hideaki Hirai, Music Director and Conductor


​平井 秀明(音楽監督・指揮者)


- Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 in A major
- Encore~ Beethoven: "Ich liebe dich."  Arr. by Hideaki Hirai
New York Festival Orchestra; Hideaki Hirai, conductor
Recorded live on March 5, 2015 at Merkin Hall in New York City
Official Website:
平井秀明 指揮 ニューヨーク祝祭管弦楽団 
- ベートーヴェン:交響曲第7番イ長調
- ベートーヴェン(平井秀明編曲):歌曲 “君を愛す”
​2015年3月5日 マーキンホール(ニューヨーク)
Official Website:
Mozart: Symphony No. 35 in D major, "Haffner" 2nd movement (excerpt)
Czech Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra; Hideaki Hirai, conductor
Recorded live in May, 2014 at Mozart Hall in Brno, Czech Republic
平井秀明 指揮 
- モーツァルト:交響曲第35番ニ長調「ハフナー」より、
​2014年5月 モーツァルト・ホール(ブルノ、チェコ共和国)
Hideaki Hirai: AVE MARIA - Dedicated to Pope Francis and the City of Vatican and performed at the Official Mass of the St. Peter's Cathedral on October 28, 2017.
About recording: Hakusan Glee Club (Mixed Chorus); Hideaki Hirai, conductor
Recorded live in Dec. 1, 2018 at Suginami Kokaido in Tokyo, Japan
平井秀明 作曲 “アヴェ・マリア” 
録音:2018年12月1日 会場:杉並公会堂大ホール
Hideaki Hirai (Conductor/Composer) conducts his own work, the Intermezzo from his acclaimed opera "Princess From The Moon" (KAGUYA-HIME) in Vienna in 2012.
Hideaki Hirai, conductor
​Czech Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra
All Japan Youth Orchestra
Recorded live in August, 2012 at Votivkirche in Vienna
2012年8月 ヴォティーフ協会(ウィーン)
~Special Project in Prayer for World Peace~
Ludwig van Beethoven's final symphony "the Symphony No. 9" has been sending the message of the universal brotherhood and hope to the audience of all over the world. The first performance of this symphony in Japan or even in Asia was on June 1, 1918, which was by German prisoners of wars who were captured at the Bando POW camp located in Naruto, Tokushima, a small town in Shikoku island.
What made it possible for them to perform the symphony even though they were prisoners of wars? You will be surprised to know the historical fact behind this event, which is nothing short of miraculous. To spread this historical event, a flash mob to perform the Symphony No. 9 was held in Tokyo, in which members of choral societies including those who are from Naruto became together to sing the Ode to Joy.
【指揮】平井秀明 【演奏】東京アカデミック管弦楽団 【合唱】 日本合唱協会、平井秀明オペラ合唱団、徳島『第九』合唱団、会津『第九』合唱団、公募有志 約80名 【阿波踊り】娯茶平(徳島)、飛鳥(東京 高円寺)約60名 【主催】徳島新聞社、福島民報社
Hideaki Hirai, conductor
Academic Orchestra of Tokyo
Professional Chorus NISSHO, Hideaki Hirai Opera Chorus, Tokushima DAIKU Chorus and Aizu DAIKU Chorus
Presented by Tokushima Shimbun and Fukushima Minpo (Japan)
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